Textile Workshop at Haus der Materialisierung

With the new Textile Workshop, Kostümkollektiv e.V. becomes part of the many pioneer users of the Haus der Statistik at Alexanderplatz, who are engaged in resource-saving economic activity.

There, we have more space for our ongoing repairs of costumes. And in order to make the inventory more transparent, here, we are setting up a small branch with children’s clothing and especially large costumes, such as the Upcycling Monster. Our partner is the Textilhafen of the Berliner Stadtmission, with whom we share space and resources. The textile workshop is used by ourselves and is also available for you.

For repairs on costumes, sewing work on the machine, fabric cutting and ironing the following machines and a big table are at your disposal:

  • 3 household sewing machines
  • 1 industrial sewing machine
  • 1 overlock sewing machine (professionals only)
  • 1 ironing station
  • 1 knitting machine

Prior to independent use, users receive technical instruction on suitable machines. This instruction is confirmed with a machine certificate, so that from then on the machines can be rented.

The Textile Workshop receives funding from Berlin’s Senate Department for Culture and Europe since June 2020.