Textile Workshop at HdM

We have an external textile workshop at Haus der Materialisierung (HdM) to repair the costumes there. Since we only use the workshop for this 3 times a week, it can be used for other purposes:


Open repair and upcycling workshop

In our open workshop Fetzen&Flicken, all Berliners can repair or change their own clothes with advice and guidance on how to do it. Our Fetzen&Flicken workshops deepen repair craftsmanship, care tricks to enhance clothing and upcycling methods.

The material store, to which users:inside are welcome to contribute, contains fabrics as well as other things, such as foams, ribbons or skins.

  • Open repair and alteration workshop: Every Tuesday & Wednesday from 3 – 7 p.m. for own repairs under guidance. Registration via booking calendar or e-Mail.
  • Fetzen&Flicken workshops in January and February 2022: Registration by e-Mail. For our workshops we are happy about a donation of 15 € per day.

Saturday, May 14, 2 – 6 pm: UPCYCLING KEY HANGERS
With tailor Thomas Gläser
In our series ‘Upcycling’ you can make a keychain during the KO market in the textile workshop. This offer is also suitable for sewing beginners. You can either use your own used textiles or fabric scraps, buy them for a reasonable price from the other material suppliers in the HdM or fish them out of our fabric scraps boxes for a small donation. Create your unique keychain.

Saturday, May 28, 2-6 pm: OUT OF A CLOTH! MAKE SUMMER TOPS
With Marie Stremmel, dancer and textile artist.
Who doesn’t know them, boxes full of collected cloths that have accumulated over the years. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to transform a cloth into a beautiful top, using up all but a small snippet of the fabric. Bring your cloth treasures or browse the pool of materials in HdM for suitable pieces and freshen up your summer wardrobe.

Workshop days at the HdM in June
Want to get to know the sewing machines and overlocks in the textile workshop? Are you looking for new upcycling ideas or simple repair instructions for your favorite pieces. Join us for workshop days, we offer different introductory workshops.

Tuesday, June 7, 15 – 16:30: SCRUNCHIES FROM FABRIC SCRAPS
With Barbara Beit, Designer
Fabric scraps accumulate in most sewing projects, but do we have to throw them away? In this workshop we will show you how you can easily create decorative hair ties from fabric scraps. Bring your fabric scraps or browse the fabric pool or our fabric remains in the workshop for a small donation to decorate your hair ties. Ideal for sewing beginners: ongoing entry into the workshop possible.

Wednesday, June 8, 3 – 4.30 pm + 4.30 – 6 pm: Who is afraid of the sewing machine? BAGS AND PILLOW CASES FROM FABRIC REMAINS
With fashion designer and costume designer Lena Hoepfner
In this offer you can get to know our diverse machines in the HdM textile workshop: from household and industrial sewing machines to overlocks. We will prepare simple patterns for bags and pillowcases from our fabric collection, which you can combine according to your taste and produce your first sewing piece under professional guidance. This offer is limited to four participants, so that you can approach the machines in detail.

With tailor Thomas Gläser
Cyclists know the problem: the favorite jeans gives way again at the same unfavorable place. We show you an ingenious repair technique that is also suitable for sewing beginners. With the so-called Wiefeln, quick seams in zigzag, you can repair your jeans almost invisible and long-lasting. You can get patching fabric and accessories for a small donation.

Here you get an impression of our textile workshop at Haus der Mateerialisierung


The project Fetzen&Flicken is funded within the framework of the Berlin Energy and Climate Protection Program 2030 by the Berlin Senate Department for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection and by Koop5.



Independent use for own projects:

We provide space and machines for costume designers to work independently and professionally. Before using the space, users receive technical instruction on the appropriate machines. This instruction is confirmed with a certificate, so that from then on the machines can be rented. Registration by e-Mail.

The project stock of costumes und textile workshop for costume designers is funded by Berlin’s Senate Department for Culture and Europe.