• For the transport of costumes, cargo bikes can be borrowed for free via the platform fLotte. More information at fLotte Berlin
  • Information & opportunities to participate in environmentally conscious and resource-saving work at the theater can be found at Theater und Nachhaltigkeit
  • Reusing used items and thus reducing waste is also our goal. BUND, TrenntStadt Berlin and other initiatives have created a remarkable page on the Internet that lists all addresses in Berlin that follow the re-use principle. And we are also part of it! A great thing: ReMap
  • Search or offer used theater equipment on the marketplace platform FundusNet
  • A constantly growing link list for sustainable equipping with used or sustainably produced materials is offered by the website Fundus Nachhaltigkeit
  • A contribution to local cultural promotion, to climate and resource protection, to the networking of people and also to the exchange of knowledge is offered by Material-Karussell
  • A guide written in German for sustainable design and production for stage and costume offers Grüne Bühne
  • The Theatre Green Book, a practical handbook written in German, offers a guide to environmentally and socially responsible work in and around the theater. In three volumes, it sets out the standards for environmentally compatible performances, for the construction and refurbishment of theater buildings, and for the improvement of operational processes.