Stock of Costumes

A shared stock of costume pieces from projects and individual collections

Our stock of costume pieces are available for fittings, rental, research and inspiration to Berlin-based artists for their independent artistic projects. The stock contains items of clothing for rehearsals and stage performances. It includes industrially produced clothing over the last 100 years as well as unique items. The costume pieces come from productions that are no longer being performed or from collections of costume stock of individual artists or theater groups that can no longer be maintained. The costume pieces are either the property of the association or are permanently loaned to it. Alongside clothing, shoes, masks, wigs, bags and other accessories are available for the costume design being developed. Fitting opportunities, advice, networking and specialist literature also provide additional help in realizing the ideas.

In the Haus der Materialisierung it is possible for costume designers to use the textile workshop by arrangement.

The stock of costumes receives funding from Berlin’s Senate Department for Culture and Europe since 2018.


Important facts at a glance

Profit-oriented projects and private events cannot use the stock of costume pieces

Plan approximately 1 hour of time for searching for costume pieces per character
A complete character requires up to 5 costume pieces

Plan for up to 15 minutes of administrative formalities when renting or returning costume pieces

In order to rent costume pieces, we request that you present your personal ID or registration certificate and we require a cash deposit

The rental fees for simple usage are between € 1.50 and € 50 per costume piece for 2 weeks an are charged upon the return of the costume pieces

A longer rental period is possible and will receive a discount

Please inquire as to other conditions such as cooperations or special agreement in person or via email

Costumes for children, animals and monsters are available in our textile workshop at HdM