SK Freie Szene e.V. introduces itself!

The SK Freie Szene e.V., a network for scenography, costume and visual arts with a focus on the independent performing arts, was founded in 2022. Central topics are the visualization and networking of costume designers, scenographers and visual artists as well as their qualification and job placement. The focus is also on the topic of sustainability and the testing of resource-saving production processes in teams. In 2022, they published a specialist reader that summarizes problems and approaches to solutions.

These topics are to be worked on further in 2023/24. To this end, they would also like to expand their cultural policy work and the promotion of young talents, and are interested in new partnerships and collaborations. In addition to the specialist reader, there is now a very active network group and a freely accessible knowledge collection for costume/scenography that is continuously updated.

The SK Freie Szene e.V. welcomes contacts and networking!
Contact persons (board) are Katharina Becklas and Estrella Jurado

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