Rags & Patches

Open repair and upcycling workshop

We have an external textile workshop at Haus der Materialisierung to repair costumes. Since we only use the workshop 3 times a week for this purpose, it can also be used for other purposes:

We provide costume designers with space and machines for independent professional work. In our open workshop Rags & Patches, all Berliners can repair or alter their own clothing with advice and guidance in the implementation. Our Rags & Patches workshops deepen repair craftsmanship, care tricks to enhance clothing and upcycling methods.

The materials store, to which users are welcome to contribute, contains fabrics as well as other items such as foams, ribbons or skins.

  • Open repair and alteration workshop: Every Wednesday 15-19 clock for own repairs under guidance. Sign up by e-mail
  • Rags & Patches workshops: We regularly post our current offers here on our website, Instagram and Facebook
  • Independent workshop use for costume design projects: Sign up by e-mail

The project Rags & Patches receives funding from Berlin’s Senate for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection as part of the development of a second-hand store for climate-friendly resource use.