Upcycling Workshop with designer Thimm Hoth

DESIGN AND SEW YOUR OWN CLOTHING Every year, fast-fashion companies produce tons of clothing which are disposed of after only one year, once worn or even unused. In the two-day workshop with designer Thimm Hoth, you can design new garments from such used clothing, redesigned according to your wishes. Under professional guidance you can change … Read more

Open Workshop

For all interested users who would like to work independently on their own projects, we are offering shared use of the Textile Workshop from July 8, 2020. Every Wednesday afternoon you can get the necessary machine certificates and start your projects. Open Workshop (get to know the machines): Every Wednesday from 4 pm to 8 … Read more

New stock grant holder / 2nd half of 2020

The stock grant for the second half of 2020 goes to the costume designer Jeanne Louët. For her promising costume design, the jury has chosen the theatre project “Happy Gays vs. Unhappy Queers”. The premiere is scheduled for November 3, 2020 at Berlin Ringtheater. “Happy Gays vs. Unhappy Queers” is a collective play development that … Read more

Preventing Corona Spread

In order to counteract the spread of the virus, we will now only receive users of the stock by appointment. Appointments by telephone are possible, e.g. during opening hours. We appeal to your sense of responsibility and expect absolutely symptom-free users who have also had no contact with infected persons. We are available by phone … Read more

Re-Use !

Gebrauchtes wieder verwenden und somit Abfall zu verringern ist auch unser Ziel. Von BUND, TrenntStadt Berlin und anderen Initiativen wurde eine bemerkenswerte Seite im Internet geschaffen, die alle Adressen in Berlin kartografiert, welche dem Re-Use-Prinzip folgen. Und wir sind jetzt auch dabei! Eine super Sache: ReMap. Und auch auf diesen Blog-Beitrag auf der Seite möchten … Read more