Current production of our stock of costumes grant holder

With our stock of costumes grant for the 2. half-year of 2021, stage and costume designer Vanessa Vadineanu is responsible for the costume design for the performance “LILA LIED – The Queer Cabaret”, which will premiere at SchwuZ on September 9, 2021. Inspired by Mischa Spoliansky’s chanson of the same name, which became the world anthem of the first homosexual movement, the multimedia cabaret evening will transform Germany’s oldest queer cultural center into a circus ring. With chansons, electronic music, drag and burlesque, the biographies of forgotten queer-feminist artists from 1920s Berlin will be revived and bridges to contemporary emancipatory movements will be built.

The main focus of the production is on the costume design. By means of extravagant costumes, the performers portray important characters of the queer scene and convey to the audience the avant-garde period and political and social grievances in the Weimar Republic. At the same time, the costume design will change in the course of the performance in such a way that it creates an arc to today and reflects the current colorful diversity of the contemporary Berlin queer show scene. In this way, “LILA LIED – The Queer Cabaret” tells the stories of forgotten queer-feminist artists of the Weimar era and connects them to today’s struggle for emancipation and equal rights.

We wish Vanessa Vadineanu and her team all the best for the final rehearsals and good luck for the premiere!

Information about the performance dates can be found on the Facebook page from SchwuZ.